WA boys get on it.

Vintage Track Bike | eBay

shit a brick. nice.

Yellow :stuck_out_tongue:

Why so big :frowning:

watching…hope it stays cheap!

If erle deletes the link it will lol

damn! too big for my short arse

This was listed last week for $150 on gumtree, i jumped on it, was going to pick it up the following morning. At 7am the guy pulled out cos he got plenty of interest and obviously realised he could make more coin.

ah well

Too big for you Jase! You were just gonna flip it for profit :stuck_out_tongue:

or sell it to me for half price, seeing as it’s my size and all…


actually, was gonna do a proper proteur build, so the size would have been perfect with porteur bars.


As opposed to your last porteur build?!?! :stuck_out_tongue:


fukk orright i was gonna profit so i can feed my 2 kids =(

Ding ding ding ding!!! Ha ha

Speaking of good deeds, do the freeway bike hike with us this year! Super pumped for it. I had a ball last year, but this time I’m fitter (and hopefully faster!)

haha, lets do some perth>mandurah training rides (as in riding, not catching the train lol)

That’s what we did on Sunday if you cared to turn up! :stuck_out_tongue:

was still drunk when i woke up! i’ve registered in the team, should be a good ride! nice and flat…might go 88gi

I was keeping quiet on this one, drags

so this is a 59cm frame… and it’s dwarfed by those fucking handlebars… how fucking big are those handlebars?