Wald/Basket Bag

Since its almost summer, I’m looking for a cheap solution to mounting a bag inside a wald/front kmart basket.

There’s obviously a few bougie/radavist options, like North St and Swift, but given the bag would then be worth more than the bike it seems pointless.

Has anyone found a good substitute for this? Closest i can find is:


Potentially with the front/back pockets unstitched, seems about the same size as the north st one?

A bag you already own like a messenger bag plus a bungee cord.


Nope - too big/wont fit. Want this to be fairly snug in there and fixed to the bike most of the time.

Ended up buying the ebay bag above for $20 - will see what it likes when it arrives and report back.

Terra Rosa Gear started making them (check Insta). Chris at Pedal Cyclery might even have stock of them. Not sure on $$$

Didn’t know where to put this, but in the search for the perfect front basket bag (wald/kmart varietal), i came across this at mitchells’ camping/disposals store:

Huss 11" Mechanics Tool Bag, looks like this:

Details here: (mind all the macho combat pics)

Princely sum of $19.95, comes in black/camo/olive drab.

Will use mine for a little bit and do a brief review, but out of the box its a much better fit than the other types i’ve had before.

Hi Droz,

Thanks for sharing this info with the team. I am happy with my Terra Rosa bag, but would modify a few things if it were up to me. How will you fasten your camo bag to the basket?

Where did you find this old boy Droz? Which one did you end up going with? Cant seem to find it…

I got it from Mitchell’s Camping in SYD CBD. Not sure if they are a chain or not?

In regards to fixing, I cut the cotton webbing on the sides intended for the should strap and put some press studs on. Will post some pics tonight.

looks like there’s a few of them: https://www.mitchellsadventure.com/storelocator/
Might measure up my basket and go have a look at the CBD shop.

Just realised Photobucket has killed external linking so need to post photos elsewhere.

That bag looks perfect. I’m currently using an old Chrome messenger bag in a Kmart basket and it works okay, but I’ll search out one of those bags at Mitchell’s this weekend. What’s the waterproofness like on it?

Can confirm that the two Adelaide stores don’t stock any Huss stuff. Any Sydney-siders wanna help me out?

I don’t get to the CBD heaps, but JUST SAYING heavymetal works pretty close :wink:

Yeah, just slid into his DM’s on IG. :wink:

Bag in kmart basket.

This is the fabric loop I cut and hemmed/glued to stop fraying, and male/female snaps installed.