wanna take over my lease?

so, me and theman are moving out of our hammond st apartment, in order to continue our beautiful relationship in locations closer to our respective workplaces. however, hammond st is a really sweet deal, so we thought we’d offer the people of FOA the chance to take over the lease.

it’s a two bedroom apartment in thornbury. the house has its own yard and entrance separate from the rest of the complex. it’s a pretty cozy place, but still has room for two people, ten bikes and about five billion sets of shamals. if you want, you can also keep a whole bunch of our furniture. none of the shamals though. there’s also a parking space, but it’s a quiet street in thornbury, so i just park on the street. i also once accidentally left my teschner on the porch overnight, and it didn’t get stolen. so yeah, pretty safe neighbourhood.

rental is $1342pcm. there’s no gas and someone else seems to be paying the water bills, so you only have to worry about electricity and internet. oh yeah, and i’ve lived there 4 years and the rent has never gone up.

pm for more details, but we need to know if you’re interested asap, cause if no one wants it, we gotta tell the estate agent.

Brendan, my son and his partner need to move out of their place in Pascoe Vale at any moment…do you mind if they get in touch with you…with questions?

If you have any photos of the place, it’d be interesting to have a look.
I was just talking to Brenton today about relocation…

Do it!

Having lived there for 9 months I can vouch for its coziness!

having slept on the fold out couch for approximately 3 consecutive weekends i can vouch for it having a living room.


This is Thornbury Alex, further than Northcote.
Just come to Brunswick!

Thornbury’s not that far out. What I’d do to live in Thornbury over Rosanna…

about to bombard you.

I wanna live on the 86 line! ha

hey, if no one puts their hands up for this place by thursday - even if you can’t move in til later - i’m just gonna hand it back to the real estate agents. shit’s gotta move!