Want full fenders for fat (700c) tyres

Ok so I’d like some full fenders for my 29er/commuter. Thing is I like to run 700c x 60 Big Apples. Anybody know of fenders that big?
Other choice is go smaller tyres, might hafta but don’t wanna.

SKS Bluemels go that big: https://www.bike24.com/p24712.html

Soma Rain Dogs in 29"? -they are available locally

Excellent. Thanks both.

Keep in mind that for the SKS, the stated width is the width of the fender, not the recommended tyre width.

SKS recommends the 65mm fender for a 60mm tyre. The 60mm fender maxes out with a 55mm tyre.

I would assume Soma is the same, so the 60mm Soma fender might be too small for you.