WANTED - 700c fork

Hi All,

I am on the lookout for a 700c 1 inch threaded fork. It needs to have a steerer length between 180-210mm, and have about 50-60mm of thread from the end of the steerer.

If any of you have a ratty fork lying around in your parts pile, that would be awesome! Paint condition is not an issue as I will be repainting it to match my bike.

I would have posted this in the regular wanted section, but I wanted to target the audience (ie, Canberrans) and not have to dick around with postage or paypal fees. I just want to hand over some notes and get a fork in return! :slight_smile:

Cheers for your help!


Oi, I got a set off a repco superlite. 125mm threaded (25mm) yours if they fit the bill.

how long is the overall steerer?

and if they are the right length…

sorry i thought 125mm was the length of the steerer? basicly the bit from the crown to the top/end of the thread is 130( re-meaured) with 3.5cm of this length is thread. If this dosent satisfy, i will bring them to work on tuesday. As far as price a six pack of coopers pale?

thanks for checking so fast man! but unfortunately they are a bit short. :frowning:

Six packs are the new $20 hey?

only a local 20 and it must be cold.

but wait have another pair 144mm?

wait the superlite’s are 230mm sorry me be blind.

yep, cold is the ONLY way to pay for products. Otherwise where is the value?

hmm, that is tempting. But now it has become too long! :frowning: I would snap it up, but I dont think there are any bike workshops in the ACT with a tool to cut fork threads. DANG IT!

thanks so much for all your help man, sorry to be a picky prick!

Sorry man 183mm steerer but only 40mm thread. Let me know if you find a tool to re thread it.

I’ve never had any problems finding a shop with one in the past but haven’t tried in Canberra.


You’ve got a PM!

I am 90% sure cycle city in lyneham have this tool, work there and i am sure we have rethreaded forks before, but drop in and talk to rick or drago and they will let you know or call on 62491806