WANTED - cheap wheel set

Got an old wheel set lying around that you want to get rid of??

Ive just bought a new road bike and am gonna try to build a fixie with my old frame. Gotta do it on the cheap (ie<$150) so let me know if youve got anything that would suit. I only really need the back wheel but will consider a set.

The wheels I am currently using are 27in.

If youve got a cheap rear hub Id consider that too.


(Oh yeah if you live in Melb that would be a bonus)

Brand new rear hubs from Kookie


which model are they, and how much??

I run these ones - SIL-SP (flip-flop)

Bloody good loose ball that are tough.
95 a pair, so don’t know what a single rear hub would cost - assume 50 - 60. You’d get it built up with a rim for 150.