Wanted to Borrow - 58cm bike

I’m visiting family in Perth in the last two weeks of December.
Hoping I’ll have time for 1 or 2 rides to keep the legs in shape.
Does anybody have a 58cm roadie or #SOTB I could borrow once or twice?
Promise to take care of it :slight_smile:

Try to take a bike! There’s some great riding to be done around Perth. Especially if you’re jetlagged and getting up at 4:30am like I was.

Would but don’t have the capability, with myself, my partner, two kids and assorted luggage, including kids car seats.

If you don’t find anything else, I’ve left a beater SS/fixed conversion at my sisters house in Nedlands.

I think its 57 but maybe a 56. I haven’t been back for a year or two so I’m not sure what condition its in but your welcome to it.