Warburton Trail Ride Sunday Sept 12th

Warburton Trail Ride Sunday Sept 12th me and erle weather permitting are going to ride from lilydale to warburton on the trail. It’s a easy ride I just need some km’s in my legs for some mtb events later in the year. I am thinking an 8ish start in the city to catch the train out to lilydale. Pm or reply if want to come and we can work out something more concrete.

I’ll drive out to lillydale and meet you there if you like.
Presumably fixed/brakeless is sweet? I’ve not ridden that trail before.

Ride what ya got. Me and erle will be on ss cx bikes with low off road gearing (so we will not be going too quick) but it’s an easy fire trail off road ride although I would run some wider tires if you have them.

hmm, I’ll see if i can get my beater rolling properly.
Need a few new bits, but should be sweet.
This is because I can’t fit anything bigger than 23c in the fuji.

23mm tyres are fine on that trail. just go easy over the bridges.

i’m pretty keen on this, but i’m hopeless in the morning and especially on the weekend… it is under due consideration however

I never go easy, I go HARD
Also Ellepea, I’ll buy you beer if you come.

i was gonna do this ride during the week after. i might do the sunday in lieu of or as well as.

Because it’s a rail trail, it’s very well graded. This also means that there are some long gradual inclines, which might get annoying if you’re rolling down them brakeless.

your word is law, I’ll pinch the front brake from my ‘new’ cannondale.

as usual, blakey is right. i did it brakeless last time. it gets a bit annoying.

I would encourage everyone to give this ride a shot at least once, even brakeless I guarantee you wont be disappointed!

I forgot to say Dylan there is a good polish bar at the end of the ride if they are open, thay have a nice selection of beer.

I’ve made a slight route adjustment to this Sunday’s TWBD ride which will see us hitting the Warby Trail from Wandin North to Launching Place possibly around 10am-ish. Might run into you guys :slight_smile:

Driving =/= drinking :frowning:
that said, If I’ve recovered from my theatre companies afterparty and can get on a 7am train, maybe i’ll catch that in and booze it up in the polish baaaaar

edit: This reminds me of a funny joke I heard one time.

What’s an australian girl get if she marries a polish guy, that she wouldn’t get if she married an Australian bloke?

A really hard to pronounce surname!

Ok We are going to get the 8.06 a.m train plat 3 from flinders st Sunday morning (met at the kiosk in the middle) for the trail, pm if you want to come and I will give you my number.

I will post up sunday night if there are any problems.