Warning - Bicentennial Bikeway (BNE)

Just a heads up to anyone who may be using this route today. The workmen are out in force around the North Quay area. The cycleway is reduced by greater than half in some areas with no prior warning / traffic management. I watched several people go onto the wrong side at speed on my way in this morning. I managed to escape with all my teeth (but not bike) intact after my crash in this area last week, I’m not convinced the next person will.

Also be careful of the works around the go between bridge. The Stop/Go boards are causing around 20 cyclists to bunch up at busy times. I have sat back and cringed as the dribbling pack of MAMILS hammer off and start over taking each other on blind bends only for me to then have to pick them off one by one on the straights whilst they are huffing and puffing 3 mins later.

Stay safe.

define: MAMILS ?

MAMIL: Middle-Aged Men in Lyra

^ thank you. I thought it would be something awesome.

Are MAMILS the same as COBWEBS? Cranky Old Bastards With Expensive Bikes?

If so, they are a weeny bit tetchy at the moment on that particular stretch. I was there the other day and the front rider (classic MAMIL) at the stop sign yelled and the last of the ongoing riders (low key looking dad on commuter bang-a-bout) - “hurry up ya pussy”, which I have to say seemed a bit intense for 7.00am.

Hope your bike’s okay…