Warranty help


I broke my El Mar last year.

I was in the process of getting it warrantied via the bike shop I purchased it from (My Mountain). The process has now gone on for over 8months, and I still don’t have my frame. Shittest bike shop. They seem to either be out of business (good riddance), or not answering my calls…

Sooo - my question is - who does Salsa distro so I can follow this up? The guy at My Mountain said my frame was in a shipment of Salsa’s with an ETA of June, but I’m pretty sure he was lying.

SCV distrubute Salsa now. If you have a good bike shop in Sydney who has an account or if you know a shop who sells salsa you could ask them to chase it up.

Failing all that you could contact SCV directly if you have a warranty / RA number? But lots of distributors won’t deal with the public.

Can also try calling them out on social media, this is kinda a jerk move in my book but it may get results.

Cool, cheers Mike - I have no details, and no way to get in touch w/ My Mountain, so I’ll pester Omafiets tomorrow ha.

My Mountain on lygon st?

i’d heard they were closing…

can maybe roll by and check if needed?

It went from dirtjerks to dawson sports to SCV.

SCV: 02 4353 2633

(too sloow)

Haha I’m curious, but going by their social media, they don’t exist anymore.

Wasn’t Fyxo spruiking them as his go to MTB shop?

^ That would do it.

I had a bit of success getting my All City warrantied direct from the company in the USA after Deus closed down/couldn’t help/didn’t wanna.

Could be worth contacting QBP direct?

My Mountain has closed, there is a thread over on RB about it. Seems you’re not the only one left in the lurch as there’s a few unhappy people there as well.

Thank fuck they’re out of business.
Each phone call with them ended in a “no worries mate, I’ll CC you the email chain with the distributor”. Never received a single email…

Yeah I’ll chat with Omafiets first, and this is my next action I reckon. Cheers!

Refer to your sig re. this matter.

you cursed me m8, broke a spoke casually riding into work this morning!

have seen a Cycles Galleria van outside MM on a few occasions in the last fortnight…

Cg has also moved out of the Knog shop in church street Richmond

Trek should never have picked up the old stock, easier to leave it there :wink:

a certain bloke from CG was present at the creditors meeting post old mate from MM up and leaving to snort coke in south america.
he heard all the important details such as rent/bills/debt.

bike industry is fucked.

That person has always had a sense of arrogance and self importance about them, even when they worked at another store on Brunswick.

Assuming we are talking about the same certain bloke.

This whole saga seems really similar to when BSC closed down… hope your warranty gets sorted!

Signs are up saying ‘CG is coming soon’.

I reckon a few lygon/nicholson st bike shops might be worried.