Water Purification.

What, if anything are people using?

Tabs/UV/Physical filter. All seem to have their limitations.

Never used anything to date and fairly regularly drink from streams and creeks if they look clean, and seem high enough above farmland and stuff to have any type of run-off, and never really had a problem. Thought it might be a good idea to get something before the Hunt though where I’ll be more dependant on natural water sources than usual.

I can’t fault the Sawyer Mini. It’s relatively quick (quicker than boiling), lightweight and leaves pure water without chemical taste. It’s also good for tens of thousands of litres

Nothing, with tabs as a backup.

and from memory I only used the tabs once, on a Kiwi Brevet when it was hot, windy and going thru areas with grazing.

They only taste very mildly chemical and I masked that with a hydration tab.


My mate uses a small filter and it’s really efficient and good. I used iodine when I was hiking in Borneo. Not heaps ideal long term but extremely space efficient!

This is my approach too, pretty much. I’ve never actually used tablets though.

Lauren thought she had giardia after our big kiwi trip, drinking water from creeks. Turns out she was pregnant. Be careful eh!

Yeah Sawyer Mini here too, fine little unit.

We use iodine tabs when hiking. I don’t mind/notice the taste. We have a UV purifier too but don’t use it much as it needs a charge too regularly to be worthwhile on long trips, and is a PITA if you don’t have wide-mouthed bottles.

Sawyer mini for me. The only thing I added is a bigger water bag, the little 500ml takes for ever to fill my 3ltr bladder.

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I have a Sawyer mini - Have I used it? Nope. I will though.

You can’t drink piss.

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I’ve been using a Katadyn Hiker Pro for the past 3-4 years and can’t fault it.

Only thing that would make it perfect is for it to be lighter. But it honestly isn’t too bad.

MSR Miniworks
Micropur tablets

I use all of these, varied on what I’m doing and where I’m going. Steripen is great, unless the water is dirty. Tablets are fine as long as you don’t mind waiting (it’s 30 min at least, up to 3 or 4 hours to kill crypto. I always keep some in my first-aid kit as an emergency. MSR Miniworks is awesome as long as you can bear the weight/bulk. It attaches to Camelbak/Nalgene/MSR bottles and bladders and pumps fast, and will filter muddy puddles if you’re desperate.