Wd40 as degreaser - lube

I’ve always been told never to let wd40 touch my roadie under any circumstance. Saw this and it got me thinking

The 5 Minute Bike Wash - How To Clean Your Bike In A Hurry - YouTube

The comments went mental on the video. Just wondering what the wise folks on hear have to say on the matter. I’m pretty trusting with GCN usually but this is so controversial I’m not sure what to think.


I use Mr. Sheen and WD40 all day.

Silicon spray or mr sheen on the frame.


I use megiuars quick detailler on pretty much everything.

WD40 do a have a bike line now…

baby wipes for the frame/parks, kero/chain lube for chain.

Clean frame with baby wipes (sometimes I don’t like the fluffy residue/hair fibres left) or a rag and WD40.

Clean chain with WD40 or kero, relube with chain lube (Chainel No. 5).

I’m sure the world won’t end using WD40 on a drivetrain.

WD-40 is a great degreaser, which is why it’s a terrible lube (not referring to their new bike line under their WD-40 brand name).
It only lubes for a very short time, then evaporates.

^ yep, have read similar things about WD40 drying up the rollers in the chains. Good to use to clean, but then be sure to lube up afterwards.

It’s a great cleaner.

I used to use wd 40 as a chain degreaser but don’t do it anymore, find it too aggressive. Sure it degreases well it will penetrate deep into the chain, so re-lubing will be more difficult. Plus there’s the risk of it going onto rims and hubs if you leave the chain on.
Now I use some citrus degreaser with hot water, I find it works very well with dry lube like Squirt.

Are you diluting the degreaser or just using the hot water to rinse?

No joke!

Yep hot water to dilute degreaser, then rinse with clean water.

Time to clean the bikes this weekend then! Got a good ratio?

soap and water and a big sponge to clean the whole thing then wash with the hose. Dry and apply lube and polish as required. This is the tried and true TheMan method.

^team method, but add a paint brush and degreaser

Old mate in the clip sounds like your typical A-grader who doesn’t know shit about his bike, treats it like this and then takes it to the shop the day before a race for a “race tune” complaining that his PF30 BB creaks 'cause he puts out sick watts, somehow has water inside his stem, not to mention the bucket of water inside the frame, bartape is fully fucked, chain is so stretched that it “slappas tha chainstay mon” and then is dirty that his “race tune” is going to cost him $500+

Oh, and after rolling into the shop at 1pm on a busy Friday he will definitely say… “What do you mean you can’t fit it in? I have a very important race tomorrow, it HAS to be done!”