Wednesday Fix Version Six

Wednesday Fix Six

Strictly ride related questions and information only please. Other posts may be deleted.

Take all whinging/bitching to the ‘pub’.

People on the ride will be encouraged to obey all road rules at all times (I will be and I don’t care if I get left at a set of lights). It’s all just about having fun from here on in.

Ride meets at 6:30 @ Fed Sqr steps
In the event of rain, meet point moves to Fed Sqr atrium off Flinders between Russell and Swanston (opposite Nandos)

Re: [MEL] The Wednesday Fix v2.0
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Hey guys/girls,

I’ve been getting a few questions about Wed nights and I thought I’d clear up a few things:-

The ride is nothing too serious. There’s usually a few faster guys but we stop and regroup often and nobody gets left behind. We want to try and build it up as much as we can so tell all of your friends that ride. Last week we did some different thinks like a smash through a multi storey car park, over some cobbled lanes and through a golf course sand bunker etc. It’s all about having FUN but we’ll try and increase some skills and fitness along the way.

It’ll be good to have you all along. Usually finishes around 8:30ish but you can bail at any time along the way. Now it’s daylight savings we’ll probably have a quick beer at the end.

As I’ve said previously, I’m open to quirky ride ideas at all times and if you feel up for it anybody can take the lead. There’s no rules except that you must bring a smile and have a laugh and take the piss out of each other.

I’ll be rolling tonight, finally.


In for loitering and possible riding depending on injury.

Edit: looks like I’ll be there early doing some homework. Hopefully HMC comes, I need his help.

No dice sweet cheeks, grappling with 2d semantics.

Damn it! now I am.

If you make any progress, let me know.

Success! - Scott Soames thinks it’s bullshit!

Yeh he does indeed. Bless him.

Despite this breakthrough, I’m still not coming tonight. Carry on folks.

Expect a PM, it’s just simple “good life” related questions. It’ll be a relief from your current work haha

as stated elsewhere in this time vortex i’ll be there. i have a classic route in mind for the newcomers.


Can i still come if i am a two-dimensionalist? Or are stick figures not allowed to attend tonights ride?

Yeah man - Gene comes all the time.

Ride was good, ended up doing it after some ‘persuasion’ from Coopz.
Popped my Burgundy st cherry as well.
We ran into Rolly and Gene doing Tour de Burbs on heidelberg rd and split up soon after.

Yeah nice to be back rolling on wed night, what happened to the two of you (Jelmer and didn’t catch the other guys name on the trick bike) on the blvd??? Hope you got home alright…


We got dropped in that pitch black road after we left those two guys on roadies, was a good ride though, fuck hills.

Hehe, we only just made it out of the Yarra Bends alive. After them damn hills being scolded by men on mountainbikes with paris-dakar lighting systems wasnt too bad. I bailed to a friend in Richmond when we got to Victoria st and had ramen. All ended well.

Good ride guys, thanks. Might be my last one for a while as i’m moving to the sticks for 3 months.

Edit: looking at the map everyone else probably made their way onto johnston st. from yarra bends Me and justyn went straight on the pitch black intersection with studley road, did some more hills (insignificant bumps that felt like hills more likely) and took the footbridge at ikea onto vic st after consulting with mr google maps by webphonezzzz

yeah - we got passed by the mtb guys and their lights (coops actually called ‘car back’ when they approached) just before the johnson st turn off. we waited for you for a while there (and GM went back and checked for you) but you were either too far back or went past unnoticed while we were turning around.

justyn - i apologise for telling you that burgundy was the last hill. it was supposed to be but we had to chase down ‘the ginger’ for his rude remarks and to laugh at gene’s hi-vis kit (again).

chaz - how was your 2nd ride?