Weekend Brain Implosion = this...

no real need to say about it…its second hand…and i love it a lot!

getting some pedals today…so please excuse the pedal faux pas.

Yeeeeeeeh booooiiiiii :cool:

What’s the deets on in? 11 speed Ultegra?

Needs moar black bar tape. #whitetapeh8r

yeah, 11 speed Ultegra, Zipp 30 wheels…the guy threw in some carbon FSA bars too, and getting those on with black tape today.

I went to Wheelhaus on Saturday, which was great, and was pretty much ready to get the Cayo with 105’s, but then i saw the colour scheme’s and they looked horrible, so I prepared myself to put down the $3.4k necessary to get black and white cayo ultegra.

but I did a quick search on gumtree later in the day and a guy up north put this 2016 Cayo ultegra up for sale on the same day…the only difference, he had upgraded the wheels to zipp’s…it all cost me less than a new Cayo 105.

i rode in this morning…compared to the fixie, my commute was a stroll in the park!

Ha! Nice one Sammy.
That sure escalated quickly.

nice one, They’re a good frame ;D
also what pedals are you getting clipless?

time for some big road rides yeah ?

i got some shimano 105 pedals…so all set…just need a bottle cage…and a bottle…and more lycra!

but yeah, i wanna do some road rides, because my commute is not really that big a deal.

If it’s not yet too late… this bar tape is fkn awesome

Attaquer is having a sale atm.

I often do a ride to lapa from centenial. Come along sometime if you like.

unfortunately, already got some…peddlers bar tape…soft and grippy

I’ll have a look at the Attaquer stuff…thanks for the tip.

as far as rides…yeah, what time do you head off?

no worries, usually around 6 ish

done…lets try and organise one for next week…pretty sure Nigel would come too. i’ll hit you up on IG message.

no worries. this sunday could work. meet at the park then down to lapa via maroubra and malaba and back to have a coffee somewhere.

I think we’re all in the Inner West right? We could potentially meet somewhere a little closer to all of us :slight_smile:

I’m down for Sunday…