Weight vs durability

The eternal quandary.

I was in Paddy Pallin today, looking for a tent for a 4 day trip in November.

I had a look at the Hornet 2P tent. Apart from the fact that it isn’t properly freestanding, I was surprised by the different feel of the material compared to the Dagger 2P they had already set up.

I know there’s always a tradeoff when it comes to ultralight gear - but will this thing actually last? Is it worth having an ultralight base if you then need a footprint?

According to the specs, the Hornet has 20D PeU Nylon Ripstop (1200mm) on the floor, while the Dagger has 0D PU Nylon Ripstop (3000mm).

Ultralight is definitely not as durable as the heavier options, that’s essentially the only trade off. A bit more care has to be taken with them, and usually you’ll need to seam-seal single wall ultralight shelters. They can last just as long assuming you make sure you look after them. Check out options from tarptent and z-packs if you’re after high quality ultralight shelters.

^ yeah what Hazza said

Also are you in Melbourne? If so, I recommend heading to Bogong on lt Bourke st before pulling the trigger on a Paddy Pallin tent.
Check out the Mont Moondance 2, plenty of room for two, 2x vestibules, small packdown size and can be used without a footprint, plus excellent quality (actually i would recommend this tent regardless of which city you’re in)

Yeah, in Melb. I went into Bogong, the guys there were pretty good. I also went in to Backpacking Light who I have always found to be awesome. They suggested the Big Sky Revolution 2, which is pretty tempting.

I’m at the stage where I am trying to build my gear out after having done nothing outdoorsy in many many years. Need to figure out what I should replace and what I can still use etc.

Personally I’ve found Backpacking Light to be asshats

Arrogant, pushy or…?