Weight weenie obsessions...

The cycling industry’s obsession with minimising weight is starting to giving me the shits. We are paying more and more for less and less…
An example I came across today:

Chorus 11 speed D-Skeleton Brakes

“Weight: 318g (The nominal weight does not take account of the sometimes considerable quantities of grease used in the assembly of the products.)”

Bangs head against the wall

:-o Ha Ha Ha

If you forgot to shave in the morning you would probably gain more weight than you would from brake grease

318g!!! may as well be carrying an anchor and throwing that overboard when u need to stop…

Imagine how much weight you could save if you took the grease out of your hubs, headset, BB ect. At least 8-10g and well worth it. :smiley:

just ride naked.

And completely shaved.

Those Record Carbon brake levers of yours are pretty cool aren’t they.

And take a dump beforehand…

It’s pretty funny really. I can imagine some major douche buying these calipers, taking them out of their Gold-plated Campag wrappers and putting them onto their precise digital scales… Only to be horrified when the readout does not match the claimed weight. The horror!

Meh, I have to say I was disappointed that they weighed in 10 grams MORE than was specified… must be all the grease eh? :lol:

I’ve got a 79g saddle if you really wanna go hardcore.

Teknologika? Did you buy it off me on eBay?

plucked , not shaved. shaving still leaves the hair follicle behind. there’s like 6 grams saving just in that. and leave every second eyelash, they’re performance enhancing equipment

Sounds a bit too hardcore for me.
I’m a Rolls man now :slight_smile:

Is it similar to the carbon arse hatchet that Mikey rode for The Hour and then couldn’t walk afterwards?

haha I remember that- and he quickly sold it afterwards… :slight_smile:

To be fair I think most of us had trouble walking after the hour. I had trouble sitting too.

It’s a Selle Italia carbon (of course). It’s really just a bit of moulded plastic with Ti rails. The shape is actually very comfy but it’s so fucking hard that it’s only good for an hour or two.

I got it on eBay years ago

I could barely lower myself to the ground. Sitting on the fence rail worked best I found.

The difference was, most of us were able to recover and then ride off for coffee, Mikey only made it a few hundred metres before calling the team car. Kids - just say no to arse hatchets.

Must be time for another go at the hour?