Welcome back Cotter (Dave)


Guys, I’m going to be back down for the long weekend. As it stands Riley and I don’t really have any concrete plans for breakfasts/lunches/dinners. I’m going to rent a mtb for a day and drag ezy away from the woolshed to hit some dirt but I’ll be bringing another bike down with me for the weekend to do some riding. That can either be the new roadie or the brunswick which has 33mm cx knobbies on it for some gravel fun.

If you can’t ride, but can meet up for a coffee, a beer, food let me know. It would be great to see as many of you and your partners as possible.

Would be so good but I’m Melbs for the WE unfortunately.

I’m 'round like a log, and also my gut at the moment.

Lets just say some of my kits are a little more race fit than intended currently

I’m up for a ride Sunday arvo or any time Monday


Going for Saskia’s operation on her hip so not gonna be too fun, there’s not gonna be much time to play unfortunately.

I should probably clarify that this is the labor day long weekend. Are you not all going to this rapha beers and gears dealio?

Bring a hammer. I will get you in on the renovations.

Ha, 2 long weekends in a row for the ACT. Dafuq do people do in this country eh

@Dave: got a hammer you can borrow.

Well that’s a let down. Come to Wagga and ride with us.

Seb’s been bringing the hammer lately, haven’t you heard.

Might be a bit hard to swing that, but not to worry. I’m keen to get out on the roadie and visit some old favourites and see whoever is left.

mate I’d love to but I can’t swing the time sorry