Welcome Canberra/ACT!

Sorry for missing you guys. You have your own board now… yay!


Yay :slight_smile:

Woo, Recognition of our locale, we no longer have to hide our faces in shame

thanks bro.

Sorry, you still have to hide in shame.

haha I knew this was coming…

Awesome… a place to talk about porn and fireworks.

what about some dirty talk… like politics?

ACT - A place for drugs,porn & fireworks … AT THE SAME TIME :-o


Canberra rules! Buzz off melbournites. This is our home now.

… and Howard lived in Sydney, not Canberra.

feel the power.

he may have lived in sydney, but looks like he got his freak on here… now i know what goes on behind the dark iron gates on The Lodge…

combing of one’s eyebrows I assume.

about time some love/respect/recignitionwas shown for the capital. as for johnie screw him glad he liked kirribilli better, didnt want vibe shittin the place up. for all its consertivness canberra has some radical/green politics goin on.

canberra yew

~Kambah Massive~
its a gang ha ha

Shit yeah, Canberra is movin’ up in the world!

a bikie gang? hrmm… Today tonight and A current affair tell me that gangs are just nasty and do bad things. i’m educated you know, i watch television and it tells me the importants stuff to knows!