Werewolves of Brisbane 2015

Heeyyyyy, so I was unable to make the 2014 edition of the werewolves ride. Although it sounded pretty fun.

Who’d be keen to do it again this year? It’s ~90km’s, plus beers and food can be had when we arrive back in Brisbane at a venue to be decided.

Full moon dates:
-28th September (Turns out it’s a SUPER FULL MOON THAT NIGHTwhich only happens ONCE a year)
-27th October

Anyone down for it? A big group would be pretty rad


can’t totally confirm, but we can 100% definitely all go back to Scotts house for beers.

In on beardy rack bike full of sarsaparilla


I vote 28th Sept for the super full moon… 28th is a monday tho. What’s the go with shifting a few days to make it weekend friendly etc?

What time did we get in last year? 2 am or something?

Yeah it is a monday, but it’s also a super full moon. Which is more important?

The saturday (26/27th) it’ll still be like 90% full anyway. Weekend suits me fine, plus leaves Sunday to sleep in

I’m good with it being Monday as well, as long as this week on week off work roster continues until then… was just thinking of other folk n whatnot…

agreed, I’d probs take the tuesday morning off if we decide on Monday night.

But yeah, I’ll let everyone weigh in. Saturday the 26th is probably the best date for this

weekend is way better then a monday. i’m keen, pending i dont have to work. would even consider doing it on the retro roadie.

I was only thinking about this yesterday!
Ill be in Thailand on those dates maybe I’ll just do mah own one some day.

yea keen to double down on that shit, need some rootbeer also

I’m keen, I’d prefer the September Saturday night too. I’ll go #sw8fixay if a few others are up for it. If not I’ll get some road tyres for the Ridley.

Had a killa time last year. Keen for this one too, I reckon. Vote for the Sept Sat.

Dates still TBC obviously but had this ready to go, will adjust accordingly if required, train times are correct for the date so…

Sweet poster man!

yeah duggy has brought the goods again. Might even print spoke cards for full on madness hey

Turns out I’m flying up for a wedding that weekend. Riley might break up with me but I’m gonna try and make this happen. Maybe I’ll rebuild the dolan and put my risers on it.

Keen for a bit more of this:

yeeeeeah nah you’re not gonna get out of a wedding for this

It’s not on the same day, ya bloody turkey.