WestcoastPete and the Awesome Mawson

CGOAB journal

This won’t be uploaded in real time. I’m taking my Widelux as the main camera, and I’ll be writing in a notebook.

#awesomemawson on instagram though for a few extras (just ignore the three existing photos with that tag; I wonder if Becky Mawson is actually awesome?)

I encourage everyone to read Petes past adventures as well. One of the highlights you will find is a tear jerking story of a ukulele having to be sent home.

Good luck mate!

Have a great trip, Pete! Will follow on the grams for sure.

Glhf wcp!

I’m also quite a fan of Pierrot’s other journals. Good luck mate!

Looking forward to reading this. Have a great trip!

So updating things didn’t work out as planned, and the instagram was pretty boring; I pretty much kept my phone off during the day. I’ve scanned all the photos now though, and I kept a handwritten journal, all of which is being uploaded to the CGOAB journal now.

The Widelux went pretty well, but there were three days of 43C in the first week so I was worried that the film would be cooked. It was fine though. More of a problem was that I reckon my meter was/is a stop or two out, meaning the scans needed bumping up. I got more adventurous the more I scanned, so there’s inconsistency in tones/colours. There’s also dust etc in the scans, but I don’t care enough to fix that. This is the first time since going back to shooting film that I’ve shot and scanned in colour too. To be honest, that’s got a lot to do with tonal consistency; it’s just much easier to achieve when you remove colour from the equation. I learnt a fair bit through this scanning process though, and I reckon I could get more consistency if I scanned them again. I can’t be bothered though.

The other problem I had was with the film advance. There are a one or two different things it did that resulted in a few double exposures. Too many really. I’ll have to crack open the bottom of the camera and see if I can work out what the problem is. For now though, here are all of the double exposures, just for fun. Some of them are pretty cool actually.

(I’m going to use some of this text at the end of the journal, probably with a bit about the other equipment as well).

I love these pics … call them happy accidents :wink:

Film advance or film not properly loaded and skipping on the spool/not winding?

Skipping on the spool is likely. I reckon I can feel when that’s happened, so keep winding until the shutter is cocked, cover the lens and release the shutter. The problem is covering the turret lens completely. I think the main problem is a disconnect between the shutter cocking bit and the film advance. I’ve had this camera open twice before, and fixed the slow shutter speed for it, but maybe I did something wrong with the film advance.

Yeah, a couple worked out well (even though by accident).

Looks good.

I am going to read this over a whisky tonight.


A couple of those double-exposed pics are awesome. Sometimes serendipity works.

One of my favourite shots of all time is a random double exposure. Got it framed and everything

I have no idea where this rum thing came from. But I like this game. It is going to get to the point where I am at a bar and go to order a whisky but ask for a rum instead.

I’m resisting reading this at work to save it for tonight. Hard.

(cheated and read the intro already. So so good)

Yeah, I dig the double exposures. 3.jpg and 10-2.jpg are rad; would def hang them on my wall.

that last shot is so cool. blow it up for sure. I’ll read the journal, but for TL;DR, did you love it?


I’m less than 7 days back from 3 weeks on the NSW sth coast and reading this has got my wanderlust up already.