I have found a company car with a company parking spot is a really FUCKING great way to stay dry, but that’s just me. Get a package with car & fuel card you fucking hippies…

Lets just say Mother Nature is a chain smoking nymph!

Oh and Craig, can I have a loan then you overpriced yuppy-wanna-be-hippy?

And once you get the spd shoes wet, stuff them with newspaper when you get to work and then stuff with fresh newspaper at lunch, and you’ll have dry shoes for the ride home.

I got a flat this morning… nothing saves you from those soaked to the bone shenanigans

That is actually the best bit of advice so far. Stuffing loads of newspaper into them dries them out real fast.

Works well when mummifying dead pigeons too. In case anyone wanted to know.

Awesome, I think I’m going to order some shoes and pedals in tomorrow.

I have some of those on my roadie, great for tight frames with no brazeons and easy to remove and reinstall. They don’t catch all the water though, but you can’t have it all.

For my commuter I run 45mm plastic Zefal full fenders over 28mm tyres, this morning I copped a very small amount of water on my shoes, a milk bottle mudflap should deal with that.

Apart from keeping the water off your body, they also keep a heap of road grime out of your drivetrain.

Between the fenders and a spray jacket I arrived almost totally dry this morning. I have a shower and a locker with a change of clothes though, so it doesn’t matter how wet I get.

ah cool, so those SKS guards will fit to a trackframe which has no mounting features?

that would be great for my ‘pub/wet/whatever’ bike thats almost on the road.

Yup, as long as you have fork blades and seatstays.


I use a pair of Soma fenders, they rattle a bit and are plastic, but they keep my arse, feet and bike clean so I’m happy.

Oh. I was just about to buy some.

Does anyone have rattling issues with the SKS?

Or anyone with Soma fenders have rattling issues with theirs?

The Somas are the ~$80 ones? They look good. Apparently they take some time to install too.

My Zefals don’t rattle, they have a twin stainless stay on each side, with plastic clip on clamps on the fender, and a nut that tightens onto the stay. There may be some that have a clamp that uses a torx bolt and grabs on more securely. ProTip: I didn’t realise for a quite a while that you can ream out the end of the clamp and run the stay through it to get the fender line right instead of cutting the stay shorter.

Abbotsford/HPC have the Somas, the bikeshop on Sydney Rd near Barkly Sq is where I got the Zefals from. $50 I think they were.

Of course, if you’re name’s Lynn, then it’s no problem as you have a stash of stainless fenders next to your pile of Peugeot mixtes and Phil BBs, but that’s just me being jealous.

:frowning: let the stainless fenders run free Lynn

i really should have put a spare pair of socks in my bag today.

Arseing Bne weather - looked out the window east at 5 am, clear. Never saw the rain in the west, that started as I rode out the gate at 5.30, then 41 mm in an hour. And what a bunch of softc*cks Bne riders are - all stayed in bed. Oh well, at least it’s warmish.

41mm, You’d be quicker in a flat bottomed tinnie

I have some of those sks race blades one o my rides, They don’t rattle and only take a minute to put on, and seconds to take off.
I love mine but I figure if you were locking your bike up in the city alot they would be pretty easy for some one to steal, and they are quite an akward shape to put in a backpack.

those SKS fenders look brilliant. I’ve found my winter wet weather solution for my pista :smiley:

yep they are great and SUPER light! sussed them out today, will have to save up for them tho haha. but they should be worth every cent

we’ve just started stocking the same product but made by zefal.
retail for around the $60 mark, and are slightly better made than the sks ones. the rubbers last a bit longer and the connection between th plastic guard and the metal frame looks a bit more sturdy.
awesome piece of gear tho.
tjey come in road and hybrid widths, but i generally recommend the hybrid ones. the extra weight is negligable and they are much better at preventing splash.