any product that would’ve added a little grip to the tramlines on victoria street, richmond would’ve been welcome yesterday afternoon. :oops:

how’s your ankle holding up?

i tried getting some yesterday but ray’s on sydney rd was outof stock
where is your shop?

swollen like a bitch, but nothing broken. just hope it’s ok for the roobaix.

take it easy, plenty of rest

someone get tick.tick.tick. some chicken soup. the man needs some care and attention…

how has the wind been treating the couriers of melbourne today?!?!?

From my window overlooking Collins street its been quite fun watching the people struggle against the wind, cant say Ive noticed a soul ride past.

Personally not looking forward to riding home. Wish I had the road bike so i could rock a nice light gear not 48:17 against a ‘hurricane’. Those heading eastwards probably wont even need to pedal.

Eastbound baby! Can’t wait.

it was an interesting experience, boy I’m glad I don’t have those trendy disc wheels

how about that wind yesterday??
geeze, hate to be riding in that weather.

It would have been worst driving or on the train. The wind had died down by the time i headed for home at 6.30. The traffic was absoloute bedlam, of what I saw was one contiuous traffic jam up all the way along william street (and peel st) to the round about of death

its days like yesterday that make you love your bike even more. no traffic jams, no bullshit trains.
was windy but it was fun!

I rode out to Blackrock & then back in the city to work yesterday morn on the roadie - wind was pretty bad weaving through the traffic coming into St Kilda and I piked out of the ride home - ironically prob would have been ok as the wind died down around 7ish when I headed home.

One of our guys at work had a tree branch clobber him in Collins street during the day - he was lucky not to cop it on the head.

Bit weird getting home to a powercut that lasted until bedtime.

I need some mudguards for my bike - Hobart gets ridiculously wet and cold in winter.

Melbourne Bicycles have Zefal Flamingo and Croozer 2 mudguard sets for $29 at the moment.

Are the Croozer front guards totally useless?

Does anyone protect their face from the cold? One day this week there was a nasty cold wind attacking my face. I thought about this

But Id probably get accused of being a criminal. It wasnt cold to actually do anything about it, but I reckon its only going to get colder as winter approaches, I think a lot of people in the US wear bandannas or something?

I’ve ridden with a balaclava on before. It wasn’t so bad, I got a few funny looks from people driving towards me and a wide berth from people driving past me if I happened to glance back as they approached…I found I got really warm really quickly though so it would have to be damn cold before I do that again. You might find it more comfortable with a bandanna for the cold but not quite sub-zero days.

When cold I wear a thin polafleece headband, keeps your ears toasty, and doesn’t mess with the fit of your helmet. Also easy to take off if you get hot. I got mine cheap at the Katmandu Factory Outlet.

I bought one of these beanies from Ground Effect

I’m yet to actually wear it riding but it’s fairly thin and fits snugly on the head so i imagine that riding with it on would be fine.

The first thing I did was unstitch the logo though.

Doesn’t really solve your face warming issues though. Some sort of bandana I reckon. I tried using a scarf the other day when it was hella windy. I was getting all sorts of sand and shit in my mouth so when i left the house again in the arvo i wrapped my face with a scarf. the problem i was having was that my glasses were fogging up (when I was inside). I got outside and discovered that the wind had mostly died down so I didn’t end up using it so therefor cannot comment on it’s effectiveness.

I saw a bandana a while back with a print of the mouthpiece from a storm trooper’s helmet on it. awesome.

The only way to roll…