WFH bike trainer desk

I have this vision of building some sort of bike trainer/ work desk hybrid that will magically enable me to build some base fitness for summer rides while computing my days away working at home.
I have a set of rollers and some bikes and parts I could use.
Has anyone seen anything similar coming out of the covid situation? Don’t have the money or need for a full wahoo and wahoo desk and fan and zwift type setup.
Operational roller/trainer noise is probably going to be the biggest issue for me


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One hour on the trainer = 2.5 hours in the office!!

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I have a kickr and tried getting stuck into some work emails while spinning. As soon as you sit up and take all your weight off your hands the position on the bike is very different. So yeah I think you’d need to adjust the bike fit and swap saddle, and not expect to work out the same muscles…

Not me, from google:

Without a decent fan (even more noise) expect a lot of sweat, even at an easy resistance

sweat corrosion in MacBook Air confirmed.

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cordless headphones, track bike, rollers, webcam on stem.

join your day of teleconferences and spin spin spin crash

@Zach where’s that photo of the edgelord with their ultracustom trackball/splitboard setup that they take to the gym to knock out some code at spin class?

Telephathy helmet connected to your computer.



Internet Brain stimulation sounds good!

This image is basically what I was thinking.
Regarding the sweat, I can just not put the heating on and leave the window open which should manage it somewhat
I guess I’ll let you all know how l go if I set something up

yeh I’m subscribed to this, it will either be genius or hilarious. Keep us posted. Pics of business zooms a bonus.



what ever happened to the good old tape yourself to the ceiling LAN party vibe. Sad!