what are all the best rides?

In 1 1/2 weeks I will be free of all study and work commitments for an undetermined period.:smiley:
I’d like to take the opportunity to ride a lot, and attempt to regain some fitness like what i had last decade.

What are all the rides in Melbourne and Victoria I should do?
Preferentially 1 day, but longer ones are ok as well - I have access to a car, CX bike, rigid MTB and fixed gear bikes but no bikepacking stuff

I’m thinking of starting with the gravel grinders routes, but it would be good to have some variety in terms of different regions, things around Geelong and Gippsland are great as well.

Do I need a GPS thingo to make this more enjoyable?

also, I should add, rides in Tassie and NSW are probably viable as well, attack of the Buns is on the longer term wish list for instance

i’m looking to do much the same from november onwards, so keep me in mind if you want someone to ride with!

i’ve done a few of the GG routes and the Attack of the Buns ride with my housemate using his GPS, but i know the GG rides are all done off cue cards by design, so definitely possible to do them without a GPS. having a GPS still may result in accidentally crossing private property, hiding from homeowners, jumping fences, getting spotted by homeowners anyway, hoping their dog is friendly etc. all part of the fun i guess. haha

the macedon gravel grinder was a favourite of mine, would be keen to do again, maybe on the MTB next time.

Definitely hit up the Otways. Mt Cowley and Mt Sabine roads are absolutely fantastic and would be fine on a CX bike

That would be great. gives me some time to get fit first as well

hahaha don’t get too fit, i’ve been at uni all year too!!

Turtons Track.


Check out Melbourne Randonnuers site. He has two great 200km rides in Gippsland that could be toured over 2/3 days. Great routes. Totally fine on a touring bike.

He has cue sheets for those rides and with a little Google maps/maps me /open Street map you’ll be fine

Beach rd,
People will laugh but in good weather with a good crew it’s a vibe.
HMC will attest to this.

can still recall smashing it home from mordi with HMC, beaker, benzy and some others (maybe LC and trigger?) many years ago, sitting on the front of a massive bunch calling themselves ‘cappuccino crew’ or something similar. was great. got so fucking burnt though, holy shit.

I have a favourites folder of rides that I want to go on. One of the options that hasn’t been covered here is http://www.adventurecyclingvictoria.com/

Ah rad! that’s good, there’s a few on there I was thinking of

Beach road sensations on the right day cannot be beat.

All these are great suggestions, I also like the classic route of Lorne to Apollo bay along the great ocean road, then inland and across and back to lorne. Big loop of about 120. Just great sensations.

Baw Baw for lunch.

Acheron Way

Actually Noojee to Baw Baw return is a fantastic ride. IF you dont fancy the brutal last 6km, just turn around!

Pre sun-sleeves?

Beach Rd certainly has its place. What I really miss is Mt Pleasant.

I’ve always driven this, spiritedly… Seems like it be just as fun to ride.

a local guy has a 100km gravel rid eon grand final public hol [friday] sept 28th, 100km around wombat forest -bit of climbing in first half but flat/down in the 2nd 50. its called wonderful wombat 100, 8am start at gisborne train station