What are your thoughts>?

I took a test ride on a felt dispatch and felt like a good bike to me so what are your thoughts on this bike and do you think they are worth the price at $1100 or should i get the felt tk3 for 1200.


TK3 looks better

Yeah i was sort of leaning towards the tk3 but havnt been able to test ride it after sitting on it in the shop it does feel a little shorter so hopefully will get to test ride it in the next few days.

I’d be going with the TK3 but don’t forget the cost of pedals and brakes that you’ll have to fork out over the dispatch. Tk3 will probably end up more like 1350. But it looks more serious than road bars and hoods. Looks count for a lot in these modern times :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah pedals will just get away with a pair of cheapo’s for the time being and bout the brake side of things ill just need a caliper if anyone has one lying around or ill just go brakeless.

or ill just go brakeless

Spud? Any comment?

Only if someone moans about it being dangerous, or impossible with flat pedals / spds / whatever.

The TK3 is a radical bike. If you want something fast and twitchy then it’s the winner. If you want something more practical, go the Dispatch.

But seriously, the TK3 colour scheme is awesome, and the channel in the rear of the seat tube for tighter tyre clearances is so nice.

Looks like the TK3 is the winner :smiley:

Brakeless fixies are dangerous, impossible with flat pedals / spds / whatever. :wink:

tk3 for sure! it looks mad. just fork out the other costs maybe mr.kevin rudd could give you a hand? :?

The TK3 has me SOLD.Do any of you guys know of any other shops apart from BSC that deals with felt?

Cheers Brad

Call southcott direct.

Deposit will be put on the bike tomorrow woo hoo…Finally found something i really like and the size i need is in stock when i pick it up will post pics

Cheers Brad

Thinking of getting TK3,…How is it after a year riding that bike? hows the handling of that bike? does that comes in 700c or 650 tyres?

IIRC he sold it a few months ago…

TO ME! But not for me.

I suppose maybe he didn’t like the bike eh? But any review from those who had ridden it? should I get it?