What bottom bracket?

What bottom bracket for my new build? I’ve got a Sugino Mighty Competition crankset, and I’ll be using the inside chainring (46t) on the outside. I’ve got a couple of bottom brackets, but I reckon the spindle is too long (the shortest is 112mm). Can I just replace the spindle to one that is the same length as the original cottered on on there? Or should I buy a whole new bottom bracket. I want this build to be whisper quiet.

Cottered? You sure, or do you mean cup & cone BB?

I have a Sugino Super Mighty (144BCD, road) crankset with ISO (Campy) taper. Some Suginos have JIS (Shimano) taper, some have ISO. Best to slide it onto both and see if it bottoms out easily on ISO or doesn’t go on very far on JIS to determine which one yours is.

Mine gives an almost perfect 42mm chainline on the outer by using a Campy AC-S 111mm BB. It’s served me well for ~5000km so far and is still running smoothly. Available cheaply from Phantom Cycles, and I have the Park tool available for borrowing if you’re in Melb. The Record BB is available in 109mm, but it costs much more. There’s also a 115mm AC-S which puts the inner ring at ~42mm.

Other BB options would be Miche/Phil (adjustable) or the Sugino that’s designed for the 75 crank. I have no experience with these.

The spindle is cottered.

So I can’t replace just the spindle, I’m better off replacng the bottom bracket? The crankset doesn’t sit amazing on the BB I have at the moment (I have no idea what it is). I reckon I’ll be looking around for a new BB. What about Sugino messenger BB? Oh, and I’m in Adelaide, but thanks for the offer.

As long as the BB isn’t a funky Raleigh (wider bearing spacing I think,) you should be able to find a square taper spindle and use it, but you’ll probably only find JIS ones.

For reliability, minimal maintenance/hassles and smoothness, you’re better off moving to a cartridge BB. So if the cranks are ISO, get the AC-S, otherwise you have a huge range of Shimano and generic BBs to choose from, but you may have to try a couple to check the chainline.

i found a good site a few months ago that outlined BB/crank compatability, i’ll have a look for you.

I think the Mighty Competition crankset is a copy of the Campag Nuovo Record, in which case it would have an ISO taper (Sugino copied Campag early on). It should be very similar to the Super Mighty road crankset, so Blakey’s advice should apply.

I use the Miche track bb with my Sugino Super Mighty Pista cranks. Perfect so far but it’s only two months in. It is adjustable to a few mm but at 107mm might be too short.

And FWIW the Super Mighty Strada is also an NR copy, except the chainring arms are milled out and they don’t suffer from fatigue cracking.

i’ve got Sugino 75 cranks. I’m using a miche adjustable BB that is actually in backwards just to try and get a decent line but it’s still too wide (and probably not good for my pedalling). Anyone know what length spindle I need?