What cable termination for cross top levers?

I’ve bought myself a set of Tektro RX 2.0 cross top levers for my fixie:

Does anyone know what type of cable I should use with them? The brake cables I have on other my bikes have terminators that don’t fit nicely into the little hole in the lever:
[li]the cables for the STI levers on my road bikes have a kind of stepped cylinder, where the smaller diameter step is way smaller than the hole in the lever (top cable in the picture below)[/li][li]the cables for the levers on my hybrid bike (that has cantilever brakes) have cylindrical terminators, where the cable goes into the side of the cylinder (second cable in the picture below)[/li][/ul]

Ideally I’d like a cable where the terminator is a thinnish cylinder and the cable goes into the end of the cylinder. Does such a cable exist?

Something like the red one should do the job. My last set of those levers was a while ago but I’m pretty sure I used an STI-style brake cable and it was fine.

Cross levers aren’t designed do have a cable stop anywhere near them. The hole is designed to be the right size for a piece of cable housing, as cross levers are generally run in-line with standard road hoods. As such, you’ll probably have to put up with the cable stops looking a bit odd.

Thanks for the feedback, guys.