What can I do with this thing?

I found this thing at the bottom of an old tool box. I can’t remember when or where or why I got it. Sorry about the bad photos but it is small and shiny and my phone camera is crap. I have figured out that one end is for extracting valve cores from a tube but there are 4 other ends. What are they for? There’s a conical reverse thread on that long end so maybe some kind of easy-out screw extractor? Then there’s the big internal thread end with 4 slots. I got NFI about that one. The 2nd longest end is a thread with two flattened sides.

Four way valve core remover.

  1. Removes valves, as you know
  2. Reams valves (pointy end)
  3. Cleans/taps inner valve threads
  4. Cleans/taps outer valve threads

Might have other uses as well? But that’s all I’ve known them to be used for.

ok thanks