What do Crashdummys ride?

Hi all, thanks to Nick for helping me with posting pics.

here is my mid/late 80s Mondonico, lugged Italian beauty
Frame/fork is a Columbus SLX front traingle with SPX rear, re-painted by Joe Cosgrove (Frezoni) in Bris
Rear wheel is Shifter Bike dimension hub on Velocity Aero, front is no name hub/Alex rim.
3T stem, shifter bar, Campy Record HS
Phil 17T cog, Sram 6spd chain, shimano 105 cranks and 42T ring. cranks stripped and lightly polished on basic Shimano BB.
kaloy post with Concor light saddle.
pedals are Crank Brothers Quatro 4Ti, sent instead of the stainless I ordered (must have forgotten to call them about that)

This frame has always bean a beauty but it seems happier now it’s fixed.

Enjoying the new sensation, legs are a little sore from all the braking and skidding, my fixed trackstands still suck (thanks to the bloke at the lights for pointing that out yesterday)

Look forward to riding with some of the Brisbane guys soon.

Thanks for the assistance, Nicks foolproof instructions (cut and paste this) aren’t.