What do you guyses know about Standish bikes?

Are they complete pieces of shit? My girlfriend’s unkle sold me an old 54cm one for $6 (yes six dollars) last night. Thinking of replacing the extreeeeeemley raked fork with a straighter 700c one and building up (another) fixed for her. is it worth it, or should I bin it? I mean, I spent more on lunch today than on this bike (so far).

Her other fixed is also a standish, and it’s not bad (step through ladies frame) but it’s heavy as hell, but it’s also rocking cottered cranks and mudguards / fenders and original 27" wheels.

isn’t standish the brand sold by a bike shop in adelaide? thats all i know about them…
i think they were towards te budget end

Yeah, there’s a few Standish shops around still. her other frame has a tiny, tiny made in Taiwan sticker on it, not sure if this one is the same deal.

As far as I found out, from the one sitting in my garage, they are South Australian, glued together, weigh a ton, budget frames. But hey, you can still ride them… and even come to love them.