What do you store you chainrings in

Ive noticed the EAI chainring bags and the dome trackstar…

I was wanting to know what you use to store you track essentials? a old rag? a tote bag? esky?

I have made little envelopes out of folded cardboard. Then wrote the size on and covered in contact. These then sit in the base of a fold out tool box.

a plastic bag.

Cardboard box.

A conference bag, freebie a4 sized bag, holds track tools rings and cogs.

They sit on a shelf, except for the ones that fall off said shelf. Those ones sit in the dirt of my dirt floor.

in aldi recycled bag

an esky would be pretty cool…


Fits plenty.

Every old trackie up here has an old tin like this. Bloody perfect if you ask me.


anywhere that I don’t look when I need them

That is a magnificent idea. Eating biscuits with a cause!
I keep mine in some plastic Ikea chest on wheels with the rest of my spare parts. I never take them to the track because I think it’s unfair on others to be changing ratios between races. If you’re going to scratch race on a big gear, you should do 1 lap screamers on the same gear to be fair.
Plus I am mechanically inept and if forced to change rings in a hurry I would F something up and not be able to race.