what fuggin day is it?

anybody seen/scored any good bike (or other) related calenders.

MISHKA 2010 Calender.
Not bike, but you won’t be disappointed :lol:

This. Or save $0.70 and buy from your LBS if you’re in Melbourne.

Slightly more constructive than an obscure facebook status message.


defs worth it, tho you will have a pretty hard getting a hold of one here in aus :wink:

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Another option, designed + illustrated by an old work colleague who is also a kick ass rider.

Ride Calender 2010 is a non profit initiative from Design by Peppi. The Calendar features 12 high profile riders from around the world who have been injured in cycling related accidents. The calendar aims to demonstrate the way these people have dealt with the tragedy and highlights the inspirational steps they have taken, and are taking, to live their new lives.
All profits from the sales of Ride Calendar 2010 will go towards two charities – Wings for Life and Brain Foundation. These charities provide funding for research into brain and spinal injury.


I got this for Christmas :wink:


Make your own Keirin calander.