What gear ratios do you run on the track?


I tried to search this with no luck so i apologise if its already been posted.

The question i want to ask for the guys that ride on the track.

What gears ratios do you mostly run and chain ring/cog options do you take to the track with you?

The reason i ask is I’m about to start track racing and want to purchase a few extra chainrings and cogs.

N8 posted this in another thread and it has been helpful BikeCalc.com - Bicycle Gear Inches Chart

Also for the guys that ride track do you know what cadence most riders get up to (beginners-intermediate)

Thanks for your time.

48/15 is what I run and is a good ratio to start on. I would get yourself this combo first and ride on it for a while to see if you enjoy riding on the track.

No point in buying a bunch of rings until you need them.

i’m riding 49/15 and its great, thinking of going up a bit, mainly because i’m curious, don’t worry about it too much, mid 80s is where i was told to start, and once you’re out riding you really won’t be thinking about ratios, and, like me, with little experience you have nothing to compare to anyway

cool i have a 47 atm with a 14 but i also have a 15t cog

i currently run campy record cranks and chainring and i was was just wondering are the BREV. FYXOMATOSIS Chainrings top quality as they are on sale now for under $60 opposed to $150+ i would pay for a genuine campy chain ring.

^^ Everyone here says that FYXO rings are king. So do it.

Awesome so more worry about riding to start with and worry about ratios once I’ve some laps under my belt.

I was just worried i might be pushing a too big or too small ratio, but it sounds like I’m in the right area…


Awesome :slight_smile:

get a cycle underground chainring. same as the fyxo chainrings without the fyxomatosis stamp (sorry andy). same ring, but cheaper.

you wanna learn how to spin first and foremost,so start on something in the mid 80’s, then go from there. I ran 48x15 for quite a while, then got tempted by bigger gearing before wiser heads told me that gearing down & learning to spin is better than winning races on a bigger gear than everyone else.

I now switch between high 80’s and low 90’s depending on the race.

this is all referring to DISC by the way, outdoor requires lowering the gearing a little bit

best thing i did was go and watch and talk to some people for two nights, then there were no surprises when i got out riding

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49/15 or 14 if feeling frisky.
Even an old fuck like me can do 160 rpm.

But keep in mind lower GI makes for easier whipskids.

a) it depends on the day / the weather / inside or outside / the competition / your legs / your objectives / the event.

b) 47-51 / 13-16.

start on an 86". learn to control your bike.


pretty much what he said

myself and alot of others on here race and throw out info all the time but really unless you know for a fact some on is experienced and knows what there talking about take it all with a grain of salt,

so brenno here is pretty much the only persons advice i would follow whole heartedly, not knocking the non-mleb guys though i just dont know em

Depends on the track, but for reference I run 48/14 (with 21c tubs) @ Dunc Gray.

We’ve had a few new guys show up recently on 90gi or less, and it’s made our pacelines quite unsafe. Not just an issue relating to an easy gear I know, but it’s something to take into consideration. With an easy gear you’re able to speed up/slow down a lot quicker than someone on a harder gear, so just be mindful of this and don’t make any major speed adjustments and you should be ok.
How do you all race competitively on such small gearing? I have to run 50-14 just to try and keep up! Then again, spinning was never my forte.

Plus remember most trackies when refering to GI are basing it on a 27" rim. So if you’ve got a fancy iPhone gear calculator app you might get a different number.

So when someone says 86" that’s an 48:15 (could also be a 51:16).

There’s a Japanese guy that sell 2nd hand DA, Sugino and Campy NJS rings on eBay for $50 ish. Also track Supermarket are pretty cheap.

see, we’re quite the opposite. dudes keep turning up mashing these huge gears, and they can’t handle the speed they’re able to achieve. drifting up out of corners, surging into walls of riders, wobbling with each pedal stroke… it’s getting so bad the commissaires are considering limiting gears for each grade.

so why bring it up? i didn’t see any advice anywhere from “non-mleb” people that was particularly different to what Brendan has said

you can’t replace ability with gear inches, how are “easy” gears making the paceline unsafe? i think this an ability problem more than anything

this is pretty much exactly what i’ve been told, it’s really tempting to go up gears, but currently, i feel like the best idea is to run the smallest gear that you can, this is going to give me the ability to control my speed easily and safely

i wish everyone on this forum was of the same opinion. riding safely > winning.