What good value compact crankset?

Have my CX bike, current has Tiagra 9 spd with a compact FSA Gossamer crankset, BSA threaded BB. Will be upgrading to 105 10 spd in the near future, so cranks should be 10spd

I hate the crankset

I would like to put something more rigid and less crap on it, but looking at the lower end of the $$$ scale as the bike’s main use is commuting, wont be anymore CX till next year anyway.

What cranks are nice to ride but not too exxy, compact, 10 spd and have a BSA BB option.

Weight is not a concern

SRAM Rival?

You’ll have to a swap your BB out for a GXP BB though. It’s about $30.

EDIT: Wiggle have the Rival cranks for $145 at the moment. Apparently compatible with 105 too.

How would Rival cranks compare to 105 cranks? I have ridden 105 cranks and they seem pretty decent too, just not sure how they all compare…


Cranks don’t really care about 9 or 10 speed.

Shimano CX70 or 105, or FSA Energy cranksets, all are hollow forged and work with shimano ext BB cups, just like Gossamers.

Otherwise there’s Sram (Rival are hollow, Force are carbon), but shimano rings will likely shift better and you’ll need GXP cups.

Or CX50 / Tiagra / Apex non hollow forged. Cheaper, heavier.

Or eschew ext cups and get a square taper crankset and a UN55 BB.

The Shimano CX cranks have rings that are better for CX / dirt, 36/46 instead of 34/50. Energy comes in both.

Hang on, what’s the question again?

Are you getting a new 105 group but don’t want the 105 crank? Or were you bringing the old gossamer over and looking for a replacement?

If it’s a), I’d just stick with the 105 crank. It’s not the prettiest thing in the world, but will do the job admirably.
If it’s b), I’d hunt down a 105 compact crank.

So imho the correct answer is: 105.

Change the whole group set to 11s centaur with a compact crankset

That’s the economical campy way

Or get a compact 105 crank. That’s the not fun smart way

You are referring to the 105 crank? 105 is not crap by any means.

The 105 crank is virtually the same as Ultegra, Dura Ace, Force or RED in terms of stiffness. If you are noticing deflection of your crank arms or chainrings you must put out a decent wattage!

I bet the frame flexes before the cranks,

Sorry, wasn’t very clear

It has Tiagra 9spd shifters & derailleurs and an FSA Gossamer crankset. I have sitting around 5600 105 shifters and derailleurs, I intend on replacing the Tiagra with the 105 at some point.

I do not like the FSA crankset, and would like to replace it. Sounds like 105 is a good option so I’ll do that.

Yes frame flex is definitely a problem on this bike, and will be the next replacement.

Make sure you get a crankset with a 110 BCD if you can so you can run a 34t inner. Some of the older CX-ringed Rival sets had 130bcd. lame.

I’ve got a set of barely used SRAM Rival compact 110BCD 172.5 cranks for sale. PM me if you want them.

i’ve got FSA energy cranks on the surly, huge difference in stiffness over the standard cranks.
have been having some issues with the stupid end plug though, ended up putting gaffa tape over it (for some reason loctite wasn’t working for me).

Can recommend CX50. Cheap! Good shifting! Black finish much harder-wearing than stupid FSA Energy ano, too.

If you can stretch the budget CX70 > CX50. It’s Sora-Tiagra vs 105-Ultegra. Or Hollow forged vs C section.