What is my frame?

This is my Fixie.
sweet paint job huh?
<img src=http://a156.ac-images.myspacecdn.com/images01/50/l_c02d6bd8c6a4355f6235032bd651480b.jpg>
<img src=http://a554.ac-images.myspacecdn.com/images01/53/l_aa9ab483c68c2e2c3b044a9a3cd2dc51.jpg>

and no I got no Idea what i’m riding? My guess is thats its an old 80’s ish Apollo “Vitesse”
? As per some of the weird and wonderful marble paint jobs they came out with.

But to be honest i’m not sure, any Ideas

Can we have some close-up pics of lugs, dropouts and the serial number (if it still has one?)
A mate has an Apollo frame in the works, I’ll see what I can do.

hey is it hard to get into the strapped pedals on a Fixie?

I’ve just started using them and I have enough trouble on a freewheel where at lesat you can stop the pedal for a bit and hold it in place.

straighten that saddle up before you do an injury!

I wouldn’t say it is exactly easy, but after a bit of practice it’s alright. I have my straps fairly tight so I usually get my feet in while holding onto something, then keep both feet in till I get where I’m going. Sometimes that isn’t practical (trackstanding isn’t always easy in a crowd of people), so I have to get at least one foot in on the move. I just do it when I’m going slowly, so the pedals aren’t moving fast. It can be frustrating at times, and is easier depending on the shoes I’m wearing.

Not that hard really, just takes a little bit of time to get used to, and a good pair of low profile shoes, like some Volley’s will help heaps.

Nup - you get used to it.
It gets harder when you have clips as well as they get in the way a little when trying to get your foot into the cage - but again you get used to it.

I really enjoy being locked in.

Hey Luke, I like your bike… I’m gonna have a guess at a shogun, the had a TT funny bike with exactly that paint job and sweet ishiwata tubes back in the 80s… but i really hope its ends up being a Gardin… they used to do wicked paint and i think your paint is wicked too. a good tip given to me by b_rad isto use mtb clips, they have two spines up the front so they stay apart easier for your foot to get in.

Soma make new steel versions like this, and i agree; it’s heaps easier to get into with the double-top-bit, especially with big feet.