What is the fixy phenomenon?


The usual mainstream drivel, plus the regular anti-bike punters putting their two bobs in… blah blah blah “fixed-gear” blah blah blah “trendy” blah blah blah “we’re all latte drinking wankers”.

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I love the comments. I didn’t realise fixies were the new unAustrayan.

Fuck Austraya.

What’s a fixy?


Oh okay, I see, no brakes, clean sleek look, people used to ride them back in the day on the road, but now they’re mainly raced on tracks.

Crazy kids.

I ride mine bareback.

I’m ditching my bike and getting a horse. Horses are the new fixt

Quote: “P.S. They also vote labour”

groan Does this mean that all freewheelers are Libs?

You shouldnt read that shit, its bad for you.

I love it, I can’t get enough of conservatives whinging on the internet. The defensive replies from people who get cut by conservatives whinging on the internet are also amusing.