what is this shit?


i always wandered what goes on at illegal raves in hackney

it’s fucking rad is what it is…

can we find an indoor basketball court and get this happening?

Would be great to have a go, really improve your bike handling, see how low they get around the corners?!

that looks like made fun

very cool!

good luck finding a hall, they would make you pay for someone to clean the floor after it

Don’t need a hall. Do it old skool grass track style.

you could do it on the fixed gear bikes you already own with small changes on a purpose built banked wooden track

i know it sounds outrageous but it is true

unfortunately only a couple of people here will bother doing it because people there probably dont care about your bike

this needs to be figure eight racing, but fixed

i am suprised you guys have never heard of this shit…

gets done mainly on dirt here too…

have a mate who does it. There is even some kind of international championship… he said some polish guy got done for drugs too.

fixed would naturally fuck you up. The frame you go for is one with a high bottom bracket supposedly, for obvious reasons

that’s why we have heavy metal james.

I’m not good for much else.

haha, that’s a sig worthy line right there…