what is this?

Time after time i’m confronted with pictures of bikes with the abnormal bulge on the top tube…

is it a micro toptube pad, or maybe a wad of sticky tape to mend a break, i have no clue what it is but do you? someone please enlighten me

It’s to stop your bar ends putting dents in your top tube.

thankyou george,
that is all i need

I am amazed at the number of bikes I see with this pad and bullhorns or risers.

i guess there’s some sort argument that they will protect from scratches when you look your bike up, too.

but isn’t that what a toptube pad is for… or are they just for gonad protection and look freasshh?

4 lookin fresh.

that bike is sweet, by the way.

Well you dont need toptube pad to protect ur bike from scratching…
3M made some clear protecting film for cars…just buy a big sheets of them (car roof) and trim them in the right size and stick/wrap it on ur frame.

They dont protect dent but just scratches or rock chip.

They looks like this:

Is that stuff hard to work with? Anyone have any experience they would like to share?

I worked with it for my bro’s car, they trim to size for specific model. However for bike I have no idea…shouldn’t be too hard and the hardest bit is trim to the right size.

3M mades the best one…

Risers and bullhorns can hit the top tube depending on frame geo and how you have everything adjusted.

what is this?



my risers hit, and a stem with an aggressive drop can too.

I am laughing :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


looks like a much better solution to those car-bras (fugly leather socks for the front of cars) that defy all logic. If you had a car nice enough to want to protect it from stones (does that even happen unless you’re tailgating on a gravel roads?), why would you fugly it up by wrapping the front of the car in an ill-fitting leather condom? And why on god’s earth would you consider an MX5 a car worth buying in the first place?!


…and i’m laughing again… stop it guys :oops: