What seatpost? Need more setback for my Brooks saddle.

I put a Brooks saddle on my bike. Now I can’t get it back far enough on my Thomson setback post.

Recommendations for more setback? Paul Tall and Handsome?

Keep your eye open for an FSA super setback post. I had the same problem, got the FSA on Blakey’s recommendation. Problem is they’re not made anymore… I’ll get a pic at some point.

Alternatively, just about any other setback post has more setback than a thomson. Or a Paul, sure why not.

Paul has a bonded head, can come loose.

Look for this model of the FSA sl220. One piece forged, lots of setback. There’s also a carbon sb32 if you get lucky.

The VO post is often a little out of round in the early versions.

Great, thanks

Nitto do one. Not particularly long but it very nice. I use mine on my cross check/disc trucker.