what the helll is this............cool?

found this somewhere some how… not sure but kinda like the idea, havent seen before so delete or inform me if you have. Have all seen rim-less b4 but this is off the hook.Luke

Specialized Venom Bicycles

You did read down the page to where it talked about it being an april fools joke right?

Then again, the gizmodo link does show it as being from an artists sketches/renderings.

Thing is, it’s no stupider than a lot of those “design concepts” that try to reinvent the bike. As BSNYC sez, what have these designers got against hubs?

^ it’s the absolute definition of re-inventing the wheel i guess?

didnt read that far the pretty picture distracted me.

Reminds me of this:

Ha what a classic, guessing worth abit too!