What to watch while on the rollers...

So I have some rollers on loan, and about to buy a set. I’m digging the chance to turn the legs over when I can’t get out of the house, but it gets preeeeeeeeetty boring. (second session in I was riding no-hands, and considering trying wheelies / riding off the rollers, haha)

Does anyone know of any interval training DVDs or something similiar? Didn’t find much on Youtube… or any other recommendations on inspiring things to watch?

you can have the “race day with robbie ventura” dvd that came free with my fluid trainer…

as far as movies go, see here for my recommendations:

Roll Up, Roll Up. You Roll On.

Anything by John Woo.

If you’re riding at the same tempo the whole time, try changing it up. Chuck in some interval sessions, Fartlek etc Some more informed info here Indoor Training Tips

CyclingTips comes through with the goods again, thank you very much!

Brendan- if I had read your roller movie recommendations whilst actually ON the rollers I surely would have fallen off from laughing. Maybe it’s time to finally watch “Bend It Like Beckham”…

Hell on Wheels is kinda cool.
Plus Bend it like Beckham is an excellent film.

I prefer to watch some movies, so i’ll watch either “The Greatest Show on Earth”, “Stars and Watercarriers”, “The Impossible Hour” or “A Sunday in Hell”. Seeing people ride gets me motivated to ride.

Alternatively, i might pop on a few race DVDs, like the 2008 Paris Roubaix and i’ll do efforts on the rollers when they attack, and use that as motivation to change the session up a bit. It sounds weird, but it works for me.

If you have laptop access (or can output it to a TV) i can look after you…

than when my dad finishes his new project (converting his old cycling videos to DVD) i’ll have a complete goldmine. Can you say 4-5 years of early 90s nightly TdF highlights from SBS (les murray hosted!) plus this cycling critics selection boxset that looks amazing.


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I still cant manage to ride the rollers no hands… it’s absolutely killing me… binned it last night…

maybe I should listen to Enya and get in the zone.

More of this


Less of this



Im convinced my rollers arn’t set up for my wheelbase (or maybe I’m just shit haha)

I find watching UFC really fires me up.

if you’re really keen to get fit riding the rollers, i really, really recommend you get a heart rate monitor with cadence. yep. you’ll be surprised how hard you can push yourself.

or in many cases it will simply highlight your mediocrity.

Forgive my ignorance Brendan, but is this an item one would find at a bike shop? Or somewhere else?

They do indeed. Near the cycle computers, you can get stand alone ones or ones that integrate with cycle computers. Wiggle sells lots as well.

Just watch Resevoir Dogs and do a max effort everytime they say F**K…

Run Lola Run.


Best rollers/trainer movie ever.

Beg, borrow or steal it on DVD > Run the original German soundtrack > Turn it up LOUD.

+1, fast movie