What torque wrench should I buy?

Title says it all. I only need it for simple things like stems, handlebars and so on. I like quality stuff but the price has still to be reasonable.

i got a BBB one from Ribble a few years back, has done the job for me. 3-10mm with a torx T25.

just remember to return it back to base after each time as per instructions.

i bought the park 3-15nm one maybe 3 years ago, and their socket/allen key kit.

torque wrench is good, tool kit is shit.

I also have the park tool 3-15 nm + tool kit, it’s okay. IMO tool kit is better than the wrench itself, which has a tendency to not hold its setting and ‘click out’.

i have the effetto mariposa one, well both of them actually. the big one is good, the little one is pretty ave, especially for the price.

the specialized single setting wrenches go alright, i’ve got all three of them too and i reckon theyre pretty good.

I have a Kinchrome 1/4" drive one from Bunnings. It’s OK. The settings are good. My problem is that I have the Kinchrome allen head set, and half of them are 1/4" drive but the other half are 3/8". It means I’ve had to find a 1/4" to 3/8" adapter - which incidentally is what unicorns poo - and when I use it with that it snot all that great. It works though, and I could go to the shop and buy it.

I’d go Norbar tti20 - see if you can find a deal on ebay. Their wrenches are great and you can get them calibrated/checked up at the importer too. Good support.

A general question about torque wrenches (and air pressure gauges for that matter)…How do you know if they are accurate, how do you know if the indicated 5 Newton metres really is 5 NM? And how do you know if your air pressure gauge is telling the truth.

I’ve got this old Michelin gauge that I bought in 1983. Beautiful to look at, easy to use, but I got NFI if it’s still telling the truth after 30 years.

Did GH ever sell the one listed on here a while back?

Use another one (from a friend) and compare the readings? Not scientific but its getting closer to an accurate reading. With torque wrenches its the same I guess. Tread it like you are supposed to and use one from a friend to double check it. I also don’t think that up to 0.5nm more or less matters but thats just me :wink:

If you really care I guess you could clamp the driver in a vice and hang calibrated weights off it at the appropriate radius. I remember my Dad saying he’s checked one or two this way.

yes. i have it. its a BBB and i’ve had no issues so far.

This works. Alternatively you send it to a certification centre, they put it in something similar to this:

And re-calibrate it if necessary. Then you get a nice new bit of paper saying it’s within tolerance again.

But who tests the testing rig you ask? A different testing rig. Eventually you end up at the torque singularity.