What weirdness did I get in the post today...

Anyone want to own up to the anon post card???

you misspelled “awesome”…is doesn’t start with a ‘w’.

No, it starts with “o”.



lol… :cool:

ha ha, I swear it wasn’t me!

now we all have your address. expect more.

That could have been countless people that you have sent parts to…

Wandal post office won’t know what’s hit them!

Not weird, but more awesome… I think I may have a sample of Rolly’s handwriting from my letterbox.


Don’t get me wrong it’s awesome just weird that someone found a pic of me in double denim… Thought I burnt all those pics…

Okay, now this just got really weird

Count yourself lucky that I didn’t include glitter!!


But seriously Dubrat, does this really look like a photo of you?

I reckon double denim is awesome, as long as it’s old and new (or dark and light) as you’re wearing. Stylin’ bro.

The photo is of me, hence the weirdness.

I thought so … still stylin. But I can understand the weirdness.

So this gets deeper, Dead legs fill us in.