What'd'ya make of this Blakey?

Gemini Randonneur Bicycle | eBay

I’m not buying bikes at the moment. But have been tempted by this. Is this any good?

They’re the energizer bunny of tourers/commuters.

If it was in Melbourne Erle would have already bought it.

too big for laura? i know you said you couldn’t do a bike fit by text/email etc, but is it worth a punt and we can go from there?

I reckon it’s worth a punt. I’m 165 and I reckon I could ride it…

55.5cm TT.
But if the ST is slacker than normal that will account for some of the extra length.

Rolly, Court is th same height as Laura. She only comfortably fits a 55cm TT, with risers or townie bars. Still that wouldn’t be too shabby a setup I would have thought.

ok, she likes it, and that’s the main thing.

townie bars ok for touring and commuting too.


There are always these:


Of course you’d then have to also buy her a pair of these to wear while riding it:

you forgot the spd sandals

(even though I laugh I know all this stuff actually makes sense - being too cool to embrace nerdism is futile)

Apparently these things kinda developed into the Vivente World Randonneur.

World Randonneur history

Rolly’s beard is tingling. It is just itching to grow that bit more.

if it was my call i’d have bought it already.

buy the damn bike!

Rolly, I’m gonna buy this bike just so I ride past your house on a daily basis, smugly cultivating my hairy facial protuberances.