What's all this then?

As you may or may not know the 2015 Cycle Messenger World Championship is being held in Melbourne over the Easter weekend, 2 - 6 April.

Five days of racing and partying with brothers n sisters from all over the globe. It’s gonna be a humdinger, you should come.

CMWC 2015 is being put on by a dedicated grassroots crew of Melbourne couriers and cyclists. While we’re stoked to welcome international racers to our hometown we’re also very excited about sharing the unique CMWC experience with the Melbourne cycling community.

FOA have let us have this forum which we’ll be using to keep you all informed about CMWC goings on and to ask for your help putting on the best event possible.

There’ll be more information up here very soon, in the meantime please check out the website. If you’re up for getting in on the action please register. Entry is open to everyone on a bike, non-couriers are more than welcome.