what's everyone growing for winter garden-wise?

Clocks have gone back and nights are getting darker earlier,
So what’s everyone growing in the colder months for winter.

had a masive crop of cherry tomatoes, chilli and capsicums but they’re starting to wane a bit.

I was thinking spinach, onions, potatoes and tons of herbs (parsley, parcel, basil and thyme).

Noticed a few pics on here of people who grow alot of veg/herbs/fruit in thier garden, anyone got any suggestions on what’s best for the winter in SA.

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Sounds like quite the crop!!

I have some random pumpkin that’s taking over the whole backyard at the moment. I wouldn’t suggest planting one as they can get quite out of hand.

Try everything. If it doesn’t work then it’s only a few seeds.

Cool thread idea… I have a little veggie patch / herb garden that I have been growing stuff in for a few years. Awesome for basil so you can make your own pesto’s and fresh tomato sauces for pasta. I have never really tried to grow anything in winter though as the frost tends to kill a lot of stuff here in canberra. Might give something a go… will talk to my mum who is a bit of a green thumb.

I’d harvest the shit out of that face plant

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we have spinach, bok choy, pak choy, silverbeet, leeks, broccoli, coriander, rosemary, mint, strawberries, parsley.

the leafy greens are going crazy at the moment.

bonsai’s but my wife would not mind growing a loofah

to make these

i had some old tyre’s laying around , and i remember my dad use to grow potatoes in them , each time a new shoot comes up just add another tyre and add more dirt , end result is you get a heap of potatoes in a small amount of space =]

Just go hydro with lights and ya can cultivate year round buddy.


^nice but no its a vine that loofas grow on.

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My brain is getting scared with this thread now.
Also I’ll be growing grass. That is all.

I grew zucchinis once (I was 8 or 9), thought I’d like zucchini soup? (random)… forgot to harvest the crop, had zuccihnis the size of cricket bats, safe to say when dad and I found them in the backyard we played cricket with them, my little sister dressed one up and named it. We never grew anything eatable ever again.

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