What's old is new again- Trek Domane for cobbled classics

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Basically a modern version of this from 1994 right?

Full suspension at Paris-Roubaix ~ tears for gears

Or this perhaps from 1995:

Marketing department must have been working overtime on the name. Ma-do-ne → Do-ma-ne.

Fuck Trek, Fabian deserves better.


“WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON HERE?!?!?!” - UCI Official, somewhere.

I am expecting the 2mm lower bottom bracket to offer the biggest change in handling.

Unless this is all a sophisticated April Fools joke from Trek lol

Like Lay-o-pard, this will never catch on.

Welcome to the party trek, only about 5 years after specialized’s roubaix frame set.

Edit… just read associated article, still not sure how the seat tube get’s any more “fore-aft” movement.

IsoSpeed is a pivot placed at the seat cluster. By partially decoupling the seat tube from the top tube, Trek claim the Domane offers far greater comfort than the Madone but without affecting other frame performance metrics. In fact, in many ways the Domane is said to actually be stiffer than the Madone
If this is true, then we should see the pros on these soon… seems unlikely.

I’m calling April fools BS.

I read the article days ago, so nope.

I remember reading that tears for gears post around this time last year. I got lost in an internet hole for hours it is really worth a look

fabian allegedly rode one at strade bianche.

Cancellara has already won Strade Bianch-argh beaten to the punch!

Isn’t the Madone meant to be a smoother ride than lots of the other carbon race bikes anyway?

I tried an S-Works Roubaix last year for a laugh, it did soak up bumps really well. It’s a neat trick.

I hope he looks for another team next season. Imagine if he had one or two guys to support him instead of some mincey climbers. He would win everything.

i agree - if he wasn’t busy supporting the schlecks this year he could go alright. 100ks of time trialling… he could gain a whole lot of time there.

Touché… What I was getting at though was; if it is stiffer and more comfortable (presumably it can be built to weigh 6.8kgs), do you expect to see it in all races, not just cobbled/gravel classics?

Indeed he did race it a few weeks back, & I suspet as alway has been riding/training on them for a while giving feedback etc.
I have 2 current model Madones, and as much as it hurts to say, ( never been a fan much of Trek ) I cant fault them, & are by far the best frames i’ve ridden,
& ive ridden…well i’d hate to guess how many.

Trek- the big brand we all love to hate.

According to the article:

What is surprising, though, is that Cancellara supposedly wants to ride the Domane all season – including for this year’s Tour de France. The Madone may still be Trek’s premier Grand Tour bike but if all of these claims hold true, the lines are certainly not a little more blurry – but in a good way.

Good marketing if true, and well good marketing if not!

Im sure they’ll be weighing it down. My 60cm Taiwan built Madone 5.5 with Force & alloy steerer was 7.2kg out of the box.
Then built my 5.2 with Red & D/Ace pedals etc to 7.0kg.
I’ve also built a 54cm 6.5 Madone with D/Ace out of the box 6.4kg.

Waiting on somebody to post the pic of Hincapie with the broken crabon steerer tube…

wait til roubaix.

What is surprising, though, is that Cancellara supposedly wants to ride the Domane all season – including for this year’s Tour de France

See, this is interesting, this is what I’m curious about.

Wait for the roubaix… Huh?