Whats this rear deraileur

Anyone know what this rear deraileur is???

I know its says Suntour superbe pro above in the spec but I have never seen them before…

Huret Jubilee

Sachs-Huret Jubilee derailleur (2200)

Well as far as sexy deraileurs go this is at the top of the list…

And super weenie for its time 149gr

I’d agree … they actually made a long cage version which is very much sought after. They even lightened it to 145 grams.

That Disraeli Gears site is ace. Think I’m just gonna have to admit that I’ll be spending the rest of my day there.

Beaten by Spirito, but careful reading has it in the picture caption too. About 140g for the weight weenies. There was a more common steel version, the Svelto I think?

“the stiff frame, combined with the impact absorbing qualities of aluminium” heh.

It is a great reference. Amazing range (check the coloured Ofmega’s) and lots of good writing/humour.

One of my favourite gears is the Super Champion Osgear. Still haven’t found the right frame for it. Pre and post-war, indexed, easy to bolt onto most any bike and wacky looking.

It’s funny that I was talking to Adrian about this the other day and guessed it being a sach one.
I had not even seen the picture but took a wild guess.
Some of his stuff was made by campy was it not?

Earlier on it was other companies making parts for Campy (F.B hubs etc) That said, the Sachs-Huret 8sp integrated group is pretty much a Campy rebadge.

Correct, brakes are a mavic clone though. i have it on the merckx.

Works well, pads hurt your ears, but that’s due to my lack on effort in fixing them.