Whats your crash story?

I WANT GORE! Lets get in the blood bin. who has the best crash story? broken bikes and bones are a must!

Work Christmas Party
Riding from Party to pub
Hit By Cab
Seperated Shoulder
BA Level 0.143

riding downhill mtb champs ages ago, fell down over the edge of a small rocky cliff, whole left leg repeatedly lacerated and big gash in arm. raced the next day.

jeez I look like a small child, loving my forced smile.

i just wanna hear about yr shoulder.

This thread has been done. A good 5 pages on reading here:


give the little guy a break he’s just got out of hospital after having his shoulder bolted back together…

you coming down to the cricket on Wednesday for a drink mr mayo??
i got the day off so i could meet ya’ll for happy hour…

Wasn’t trying to sound rude. Its just the way the internet is. I was just pointing him in the right direction, so he could get his crash/gore fix asap.

ASEP bro…