What've I missed?

It’s been a while, jerks. I’ve missed you, sorta.
But yeah, what’ve I missed aye?
Is Rolly still cool? Does nickJ still rarely post?
Are fixes still cool? Is there still an influx of noobs asking about where to buy a sweet cool fixie?
Is ianhumanxx still too cool for this place? Antmandan, still making beer? Ezylee still rocking a stache and shaving the scalp?
ANY GOSSIP? I’m outta the loop! Last time I think I saw anyone from here was rolling dice with pip, tomhall, and some other assorted lads at a house lord knows where about a year ago.
Is lemon time still the raddest?


Same same less h’s

Everyone went bikepacking

horatio is riding SRAM.

Just Ride It.

When was Rolly cool?



gears & mtbs.

Halbot the all-knowing

God damn it

Hi Dylan! Love your face.

Blakey got smuggier.

West Coast Pete came along, started a thread, the thread became a Nirvana thread, and now he’s cool.

Fixies are back as of last week. Moccos did it

But scientists predict reaching peak smug sometime next year.

This is true.

I bought a sleeping pad

Arseholes got closed

Hey wow. Are we in love now? Mwah if so.

And Hi mr_dylan the dance commander.